Mind colonisation

Subramaniam Shankar has capped it beautifully in his comment (Another name for colonisation) to an article that appeared in the Boston Review.

Quote “The hyped info-tech or other exports from India or for that matter manufactured goods from China to the rest of the world is all happening for one reason,the west cannot get away from colonial mindset”. – unquote.

My only disagreement is where he calls it “Neo” colonisation. There’s nothing new about the west’s mindset of colonising. What to say of a political culture that has always wanted to colonise – first it was territories, then natural resources (they didn’t even spare the North pole) and now they want to use the same money-might to colonise the mind.

To emphasise my point I re-quote Shankar – “the west cannot get away from colonial mindset.” Why blame them! All they have ever known and probably will ever know is the power of money. And the acquisition of material effects. Their people however know. See they write insightful lyrics – ‘Money can’t buy me love’. – Beatles

Everything the west knows about India is at best a figment of their imagination. And believe me, even their figment is so huge (ever tried to finish a meal in America) that it scales up to the proportion of seeming real to them.

So cost,cost,cost has to go. And only we in India can arrest the speed with which the takeover is being effected. Instead of firing 1000 people because the overseas client puts pressure on the rates, Indian companies ought to be responsible to their own people. If even two of the IT giants were to ‘refuse’ to bend backwards and were willing to use a red herring approach with one client each, it would send the needed message that we refuse to be colonised any more. We need to call their bluff at least once to ensure a level playing future.

This is not revenge. This is not a show of strength. It is simply the way to show that we respect ourselves. Mind colonisation anyone??


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