Can Innovation be taught?

Since I have decided to write a book on the much hackneyed topic of innovation, I thought I should share a podcast (Lunar’s Icon-o-cast) recorded earlier this year at Lunar Design‘s San Francisco office. Lunar’s co-founder and CEO, Jeff Smith, has become a good friend. This is a conversation with Lunar’s President, John Edson where you’ll hear both of us meandering through the complex business landscapes of the future.

 Listen to the podcast here …

Download the mp3 file here. (Right click to save)


4 Replies to “Can Innovation be taught?”


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  2. Quote “Can Innovation be taught?”
    The short answer is yes.
    Leadership methods can be taught, but you can not cause implantation of leadership.
    Know how to and doing is two separate issues.
    As an ex-army first sergeant I can say, real leaders are born and generally you can not convert a follower into a leader!


  3. Good one Sunil ! A lot of universities have started looking towards innovation courses. Whether it can be taught or not depends on the methodology adopted to teach it.


  4. Innovation is difficult to define, it perhaps even defies definition. It may be better not to try to define it – even futile. Can you teach religion? Courses in innovation are being created without any focus on the human being. Everything I have seen, focuses on philosophy, methodology, tools and what not. I ask a simple question. “Do you need something more than education and training to be a musician”. Basically, can anybody become a musician or does s/he have to be one in the first place? If I simply teach musical notation after which you practice strumming for 6 hours a day, can you become a guitarist OR do you have to be a musician before I brush you up?

    Are there some intrinsic prerequisites for innovation? Think about it!!!


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