The "K" factor of innovation

Ever wondered why “K” is silent when it prefixes “N”. Knowledge has the same silent character.

Knowledge, we know is a prerequisite for innovation. All kinds of knowledge streams flow through us or, at the meta-metaphysical level could we think of human beings as boats flowing along a knowledge stream that forms the river of time.



The Bhagavad Gita, the fountainhead of Hindu life philosophies, in one of its many dimensions, describes wisdom as being ‘knowledge in action’. Innovation may be seen as the method of action applied to a life situation – problem or not – by joining the right dots.

Radical thought is rooted in introspection, emotion and the subconscious. Innovation can only happen when invisible [k]nodes connect cultures, societies and human beings and [k]networks weed their way into the traditional corporate ethos to dismantle existing control centres.

It’s [k]NOW or NEVER!!

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