Global Meltdown – Diwala at Diwali?

Fireworks display at the UT tower during Diwal...


We’re just about out of the Indian festive season.  Diwali always displays the abandon with which all segments of our society celebrate on the occasion. Not the global meltdown or the prospects of recession can dampen the enthusiasm or the fireworks. Just shows how the Indian culture is one of the moment. We’ll have to deal with all the fears anyway, so why spoil the festivities. 

So what’s Diwala? It’s Hindi for bankrupt! Some coincidence this. So India’s busy celebrating Diwali (see the light?) while the world goes kaput, falling away like a house of cards. 

Last month, I was in the midst of this fierce debate about how the flat world had changed everything and suddenly the world started crashing.

Some call it a meltdown, others call it a crisis. I call it an opportunity and it comes as the vindication of the beliefs (actually the non-beliefs) some of us had about the virtues of uncontrolled capitalism.

The stage is set for India to show the way. Opportunities will abound for those who stick around the old-fashioned way. The card sessions will go on as will the fireworks.

Wecome back to the round world!


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