Mumbai strikes – tandoori soup for India’s soul


Fire the Home Minister – Done!

Fire The Chief Minister – In Progress …

Fire the Government – Elections are around the corner. In fact, even while the ordeal was on, Delhi was voting. I’m guilty too!

The headlines are screaming as are the articles. 24×7 TV news continues to sensationalise. I was watching an interview with M N Singh, former Commissioner of Police, Mumbai. His is a powerful take on whether firing politicians is enough of a response to last week’s Terror ordeal in Mumbai.

In essence, his view is that national security is not a political subject. For the BJP or the Congress to overturn initiatives that the opposite party had proposed/implemented during their reign simply because it would give legitimacy to the other party is criminal.

So everybody’s angry. Frustrated. Insecure. Frightened. And finally resigned. We’ll shout, scream, debate, blog and then go about our lives resigned to our destiny. That’s what Indian National Character has become.

I promise you that if we had a World Cup for the BlameGame, India would win hands down. Each and every time! That’s one game where we have all the talent in the world. And when we can’t find a target we’ll blame Miss Fortune.

This morning’s Hindustan Times carried a balanced view from Seema Goswami – The buck stops where?

As Mumbai recovers from the carnage of last week, the predominant emotion on the streets is not sorrow or despair. What comes through most strongly is the anger of its citizens. And frankly, how could they not be angry? Their city has been brutally ravaged, their iconic landmarks targeted, their people used as gun fodder. Anger is a natural response in the circumstances. What surprised me, though, was the target of that anger.

Her conclusion is hard hitting and on target …

Yes, India has exposed itself as a soft State where dealing with terrorists is concerned. And the politicians must take the blame for that. But we the people must bear some measure of responsibility for having helped create this soft State. Let’s not forget that at the end of the day, a government is only as strong as its people.

Finally, here’s a view that makes eminent sense to me!


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