What’s ‘Terrorism’ doing in an Innovation blog?

That's him
That's him

My ardent fan and colleague, Daksh, follows my blog very carefully. He came to me yesterday and asked me why I was writing about the Mumbai ordeal when the title of my blog clearly says it’s about Innovation. I was tempted to give him gyan about how innovation encompasses everything about life’s experiences and that there’s perhaps a lesson or two for us in the ‘innovation’ terrorists continue to display between one event and the next. This approach might have been smart and might even have convinced him – I already told you he’s my fan – and would have kept me in the clear and would have inflated my already large ego and even convinced me that what I was saying was actually a conscious, structured, predetermined clarity of the topics I intended to write/talk about. It would definitely have been the best way of fooling myself on the road to delusion.

My answer to him surprised me. I said, “Well, one of the characteristics of innovation is agility combined with spontainety. When I started my blog, I had every intention to stick to innovation. But since I am a ‘feeling’ human being before I’m a professional, it was a spontaneous response”. I think Daksh may have become an ardenter fan of mine yesterday.

I have since been thinking …

  • Did I know then that I might feel strongly enough about any event to want to share it with the world? When we look to be right all the time, we destroy the potential to innovate. At least in the way we think. The title of my blog was not thrust upon me. I chose it because at THAT time, I was overwhelmed with innovation and wanted to be a part of the conversations about the discipline.
  • If I’d had to think of a title that would not restrict me to a focus, I’d have had to choose something so generic that it would not have caught anybody’s attention – even my own. And it would not have created any discipline either in my writing or in the community that it might have had the potential to create. I’m not shirking the responsibility, nor am I saying that a title like “Innovation & Terrorism” would not have worked. But then I’d have had to find my own ‘terrorisms’ to write about to be true to such a title.
  • And what if I wanted to include environment, CSR, globalisation, sustainability, green, society … and all the other categories that might have been of relevance along the way? The title itself would be my entire blog!!!
  • And there’s this other thing about cultivating an innovation mindset. Keeping abreast and current with the way life and society evolve along parallel disciplines. Explain Web 2.0 or the Open Source movement otherwise.

In our pattern-recognition state of being, only the past can provide the inputs that can keep our lives running. The future however, is created in every present moment. I have learnt to live today without the need to be sure of tomorrow. And I have no intentions of letting anything I’ve created in the past – even the title of this blog – to shackle me in a way that can prevent me from living spontaneously.

So, that Daksh, is my long answer.


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