Rising from the ashes of Global capitalism …

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The great Indian dream

Quoting from Vir Sanghvi in The Dream Lives, [January 3, 2009], India will have to make a huge effort in resurrecting its dream. This time around we’ll have to dream while staying wide awake.

 Already, the collapse of the Wall Street model of global capitalism has shown us that, ultimately, the only country that India can trust is India itself. And the only solutions that work are our own, derived from our ingenuity.

… But I don’t think the dream is dead. We are still ahead of the rest and still on course for the Indian century.

What is dead, however, is the complacency and shallow superficiality of much of the middle class. We followed the wrong gods and were swayed by the wrong mantras.

Now, we are back on track — as Indians, together.

So what does all this mean to the average Indian? First of all there is no such commodity. Perhaps, in the business world, the demography we’re talking about would be the urban middle class. Which is also a heterogeneous lot. The elite educated. The elite uneducated. The educated haves. The educated have nots. The ambitious employee. The reckless entrepreneur. The tradition-shackled husband. The emancipated wife. Most lured by western materialism. 

Out of this maze of complexity comes a potluck of priorities. All driven by aspirations propagated by glitzy magazines. 2008 shattered the mirrors and the smoke vanished. We are now faced with our old realities. A return to family values, ethical practices and hard work. Old fashioned but tested. Need before greed.

Any takers?

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