Read about Saul Kaplan’s ‘passion economy’

Read the post here Creating a Passion Economy

My comment
Where Saul says ..

“I push the idea even further to suggest that the biggest value creating ideas will be found in the gray areas between sectors, silos, and disciplines.”

I call these areas ‘the sand in the cookie jar’!

As a matter of fact, my company, Ideafarms’s elevator pitch is exactly this … and guess what, we have real proof that these are the areas where huge value is created. I always thought it was because people don’t have the time to focus on these – they’re so drowned in their own ‘content’ (pun unintended)- now I believe it takes a different kind of ‘seeing’.

This is the most powerful reality that everybody seems to be missing. Perhaps because it isn’t so convenient to be a ‘generalist’.

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