The oxymoron called Political Innovation … or America goes bald!

bald-erdashI am at my hairdresser’s last weekend and request him to blow dry my hair. He looks at me quizzically and says, “Sure sir. But …”, he goes and points me to the mirror,  “you’ve run out of raw material. Hair!”. I look disbelievingly at the bald pate of the guy in the mirror. Shucks, I go to myself. The last time I gave myself the luxury of looking in the mirror, I had a thick mop. Where had it gone? And when?

I am immediately reminded of what’s been going on in the US the past few months – bailout, stimulus packages, printed money … whatever … and I go back to asking –

What are they trying to blow dry when there’s no hair left? Where’s the money?

Get my drift? When was the last time you looked in the mirror? Ever noticed that the US has gone completely bald? It can’t help if all they want to do is to wear a wig. They won’t be able to fool others, only themselves.

Here, see what Dr. Michael Hudson has for us.  Like you guys say – “Hey Mr. President, this ain’t no rocket science!”

More Links:

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2. The Crisis of Credit visualised – great visualisation
3. Printed Money, Gloom to Doom – My post of 18th Feb, 2009.
4. Political Leadership & Monetary Morality – Orrin Woodward’s blog post of 17th Feb, 2009.


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