Shoe-throwing goes global

Even in these uncertain times, the US can be credited for leading innovation and for its trend-setting ways. India has been the quickest to catch on and I’m sure we’ll see other countires following ‘shoe’t very soon. Read the spoof here Frustrated minister throws shoes at public « The Daily Tamasha.

Fed up of recent shoe-throwing incidents at his last three election rallies, Minister of State for Leather Industry, Balwant Kelkar, today started his Jabalpur rally by throwing a few shoes himself. Unsuspecting supporters of Kelkar were in for a shock as he followed his garlanding with throwing five-rounds of shoes, hitting his random target three times.

and my BIG idea for innovation for shoe companies to steal. (I’m an open source guy!)

Here goes …

Shoe companies that can double their revenue with just a little repackaging.

Concept:To package each shoe separately (and not in pairs) targetted at the emerging shoe-throwing segment”.

1. This will open up new segments – shoe catchers, shoe matchers, shoe collectors – and also possibly inspire the fashion designers to come up with ‘walk the ramp with one shoe’ shows.
2. The idea-starved event management companies can then replicate this for re-use in the ‘Great Indian Wedding’ (of course this is rather seasonal unless they plan to go global).
3. Politicians and other public figures (beneficiaries of the new model) will be able to make early requests for which foot (not in the mouth variety) they prefer to be thrown. Eg. Left shoe is better ’shoe’-ted for Karat and co. It will also make it easier to switch loyalties – just exchange shoes!


2 Replies to “Shoe-throwing goes global”

  1. Haa haa…Sunil…nice rounded story there! Yes, Indians are always the first to catch any american ‘phenomenon’…and hope swine flu is not the next.

    And yes, thanks for the pingback.

    – V


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