BlogQuotes: Entrepreneurship #1

Starting today ‘BlogQuotes’:

1. The only difference between ‘Leadership’ and ‘Management’ is that one creates a spark, and the other fights the fire.

2. The only mantra to learn – “Get out of your way”.

3. Be slow and steady in life yet hasten to fail.

© Sunil Malhotra 2009.


3 Replies to “BlogQuotes: Entrepreneurship #1”

  1. Like you said – Powerful quotes for sure. Hope to get more. I also loved the tongue-n-cheek name – “blogQuotes”.

    The other 1st that I notice is (at least in my knowledge) the following:
    This is the first time that the author or source is ‘quoting’ (what else can I call it) himself 🙂

    The other quotes that we have heard are picked from larger text or speeches by individuals, never ever have I heard someone be so specific 🙂 It’s like 10 quotations for the freedom struggle by MKG!

    Maybe this is also a trend setter.



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