BlogQuotes: Marketing #1

1. Customers are human beings, not statistical aberrations.

2. Always remember you’re a marketer, not a marketeer.

3. If the client is God, worship him. Don’t work for him.

© Sunil Malhotra. 2009


2 Replies to “BlogQuotes: Marketing #1”

  1. Blogquips:

    1. Customer is someone who buys something from a shop. Client is someone you work for.

    2. A tennis player is a racketer, not a racketeer.

    3. Work is worship


    (Must be the coffee… The fragrance lingers…)



    1. Wow!! That was quick Kamesh! Thanks so much for the BlogQuips – the perfect foil to BlogQuotes. Keep them coming. Cheers and looking forward to your authorship on Innexperience.


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