Calling all India-preneurs

If there’s something India needs it is theez. Indiapreneurs!

I think we’ve waited long enough. I was at an event organised by the students of NIT Trichy early September and was pleasantly surprised to see how clued in this generation is. The problem is that our academia is still stuck in a time-warp. These kids need active mentoring and incubation support from professionals who have been there, done that. We need to move incubation facilities out of educational campuses and transplant them firmly into the ‘real’ world of business. A few friends and I are working on providing space and infrastructure as well as functional support (HR, Admin, IT etc.) and plan to pilot this in Delhi, Coimbatore and Hyderabad, starting 2010.

Ideas, suggestions, support and comments please.


5 Replies to “Calling all India-preneurs”

  1. Any plans for #Mumbai being one of your incubation destinations. Or Pune perhaps. Nonetheless, appreciate this sort of endeavor keeping the larger picture in mind.

    Do keep us posted as on when things evolve. Would be watching this space!



    1. Hi Sampad,
      The idea is for anybody who is interested and has something to offer, to take the lead. My idea is to bring a semblance of governance through enlisting (not enrolling) like minds, some of whom might have ready infrastructure and support staff, to provide incubation environments to budding entrepreneurs.


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