The end of consumer ignorance – Marketing Predictions for 2010

When not all is well, people turn to astrology. Not ClickDocuments. They decided to use  crowd-sourcing and approached a lively bunch of people for their predictions. Result: the ClickPredictions eBook that you can download free.

My Mantra – “Marketers should first realize that the perception (of their customers) is the only reality.”

Some tips for 2010:
Marketers should –

  1. Unlearn marketing as a ‘function’, learn that it’s a conversation and listen to what the customer communities are saying;
  2. Learn to communicate honestly without smoke and mirrors and forget about advertising (it is dead anyway) and media releases (too little value for what you pay);
  3. Ensure that their customers are educated on the ‘product’ they evangelise and stop exploiting their ignorance; (In today’s times you can’t run too far before word gets out to the whole market);
Do you see me in this picture?

From the blog post of the launch on 20th Jan:-

we dusted off our trusty crystal ball and passed it along to 39 of the world’s top B2B marketers, e-mail marketers and social media gurus, and asked them one straightforward question, “What are key marketing trends and predictions for 2010?” The answers are fantastic. You’re going to get a first-hand look into the future of content marketing from the people that live and breathe it every single day. And as an extra bonus, ClickPredictions eBook is also packed with over 100 recommended resources from these experts.

Click for free download now and you can get 2010 started on the right foot with a bit of inspiration and no-nonsense marketing straight-talk.

 My wisecracks The end of consumer ignorance in the eBook …

Go ahead and download your personal copy and if you like what you see, share with your marketing folks.


2 Replies to “The end of consumer ignorance – Marketing Predictions for 2010”

  1. I call this “ethical, grounded marketing”. However, am not sure if advertising is dead yet. I may think it is shifting to “lnfluencitement” – a word I just coined for a new practice that mixes advertising, PR and social media.
    Of course, the principles you speak of are at the core of it.


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