Meet Kamesh

A proud moment for my friend, a proud moment for me and for this blog. The Art of Juggling in the Hindu, 25 January, 2010.

A quiet, unassuming man with neatly combed silver hair and metal-rimmed glasses, it’s Kameshwar the IT Consultant you see at first glance. But, all it takes is five minutes spent reading his slim volume of sweetly insightful poetry — Seahorse in the Sky recently published by Writers Workshop — to get a glimpse of the poet within. And, half-an-hour over coffee spent discussing the many versions of the Mahabharata and his yatra to Neemsar, where the 18 Puranas were written, and you’ve gotten to know Kameshwar, the Storyteller.

Methinks the journalist had a hard time trying to capture Kamesh’s multiple facets. He has just about scratched the surface and see how much he got. See, he didn’t get to finding out anything about Kamesh’s musical talent. Incidentally, you should hear his wife Ambika sing!

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