Leh-Pak: Making a difference one person at a time

It is always heartening to see Internet communities swing into action for a cause and make such a huge difference in connecting views, people and issues.  

In keeping with the spirit of giving, here’s my open letter on behalf of the flood affected people of Leh and Pakistan.

“Dear CEO, President, PM, CM, etc.

Get involved personally. Tell your people the magnitude of the recent fury of nature in Leh and Pakistan. Tell everybody in your network to help in any way possible. They will listen to “YOU”. They are used to listening to you and following your directions. Please, please don’t just give a donation to some fund and feel that your good deed for the day is done.
You have skills. You have an organisation. You have the means to mobilise every enabler needed to rehabilitate the homeless. Put part of your business acumen to reconstructing and rehabilitating the ravaged region. Nature has her way of reminding you of your duties to the world beyond yourself. Please see it as an opportunity to make a continued commitment to our future.”
Thanks and all that,

Two inspiring examples in the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami of how individuals made a difference:
1. Harish Bijoor, a consultant based in Bangalore sent out an email to 600 corporate folks on his addressbook. All he asked from them were utensils (new) and clothes (new). 12 reverted with handsome donations. 1 lorry left for Cuddalore on 31st December morning. A local cable manufacturer paid for a full load of 500 ml sachets of water which went to Velankini.

2. Mumbai-based consultant, Pradeep Narasimha, along with his employees and colleagues contributed 2 days salary and sent a draft of Rs 22000/- to the PM’s National Relief Fund. Employees of O&M, the advertising agency donated a day’s salary + an equal contribution from the agency.

 Just goes to show how individual action makes a lasting difference. #smallideasBIGDIFFERENCE 

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