Macrowikinomics: The Choice Between Atrophy or Renaissance

A beautifully timed book. Only this doesn’t come across as just any book. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy in India. Wish it every success.

These are not bad times. It’s just that the race for mindless material acquisition took over the Western world that chose greed over need; spending over saving; self over society; independence over interdependence. The consequences are here for the world to see. The rest of the world has been going about our lives — business as usual — while all America has been doing is screaming or waiting for something good to ‘happen’.

I echo the sentiments of Jennifer Hill in her comment — “There is no more frontier to exploit so now we must learn to adapt and cooperate with the planet and one another. Sort of a new internal frontier – one of position as citizen of the world – we need compassionate and connected, not distanced and transactional.”
The American economic model focused on opportunity and individual enterprise, which may have been a good thing to begin with; anything in excess has the power to destroy. It became dangerous when it became fashionable for ‘individual’ wealth to come at the cost of the larger society — world society. Instead of ‘bringing together the people’, it took them farther apart. ‘Skills and knowledge needed to ensure growth, social development and a just and sustainable world’ are now strewn over every continent. Time to reboot the old models.
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