Bird in flight

Bird in flight, originally uploaded by sunilmalhotra.

I’ve always had a¬†fascination for ‘framing’ birds and animals in motion. It’s tricky and if you get it right, far more dramatic than the real thing. Composition you can correct, lighting too to an extent … colours, Viva la Photoshopping! Timing however is a different matter and so is focus.

I got lucky on¬†this occasion! Love the challenge of shooting birds in flight. Had to trash several photos of birds with clipped wings … literally. ;))

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About Sunil Malhotra

Serial entrepreneur / Consultant-at-large / Industrial Designer / Interdisciplinary professional. Outsourcing is a phenomenon I openly criticise as having been the way businesses continue to look at people - simply as alternatives to machines. I am passionate about collaborating with like minds to evolve the new paradigm. Co-create value concepts for a sustainable and level playing future.

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