Mentoring 101: A microcompilation

See this presentation on slideshare and download for personal use. Mentoring 101: A microcompilation.

I put it together in 2004 for an internal Global HR initiative of Continental AG. Comments welcome.

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About Sunil Malhotra

Serial entrepreneur / Consultant-at-large / Industrial Designer / Interdisciplinary professional. Outsourcing is a phenomenon I openly criticise as having been the way businesses continue to look at people - simply as alternatives to machines. I am passionate about collaborating with like minds to evolve the new paradigm. Co-create value concepts for a sustainable and level playing future.

One thought on “Mentoring 101: A microcompilation

  1. I liked the whole attitude of bringing the cocooned person who has stuff, out.

    Many terminologies are nice,starting from mentoring.

    The mentoring tips are simple and straightforward.

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