TEN in 12 – The Ideafarms eGreeting

There are so many to thank for walking with us on this amazing journey. Many who made it possible. Many who made it memorable. Many who came aboard alighted along the way to further their own dreams. They are now our most loved ambassadors.

Some stayed on to keep building a powerhouse of design and innovation. In some ways 2002 seems very very far behind. In most ways it feels like yesterday. Feel the inTENsity of our gratitude in 2012

We love y’all – Happy NEW Year!!!



3 Replies to “TEN in 12 – The Ideafarms eGreeting”

  1. Hi Sunil, Happy new year, and with the next decade of your postings, may u continue to tap sources of creativity, and share them with us here.
    Your pun at intensiveness was goody.


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