Sneak Review: Cloud Surfing


The fact that I have the opportunity of reviewing Cloud Surfing before its launch sitting halfway across the world in India, hints at Tom’s having already made a round trip to the future. Everything in the future is about connections — Machine-Machine + People-Machine + People-People — that will reach from 5 billion today to a staggering 100 billion in 2020. This is likened to the number of neurons in the human brain. Whether or not this means that the world will become intelligent, one thing is certain — our past cannot inform the future of work, life and play.

Tom is a natural at storytelling and you run into pleasant sprinklings of anecdotes that stay with you throughout the book. Each chapter of Cloud Surfing is a revelation; the more I read the more curious I became. Parts of it are science fiction at its best, only it may not turn out to be fiction.

From the book —

“The cloud represents the consummate disruptor to structure and traditional models of justification and experimentation. It’s a pervasive social and economic network that will soon connect and define more of the world than any other political, social, or economic organization …”

The cloud is not about throwing more brains at the problem. That’s an interesting idea, but it’s linear.
The cloud is exponential in its impact; it has a multiplier effect that goes well beyond the power of any collection of individual skills. What we lack is not
brains but the ability to connect them …”

“… what
we are attempting to define with the metaphor of the cloud is a tectonic
shift in the way we look at many of the basic precepts we have used to
build business, politics, and society. Because of the expansive nature of
this agenda, our efforts here can only be considered the beginning of the
dialogue. But the beginning is, in many ways, half of the whole that establishes
an understanding to guide us through what will likely be a hundred
years of change to come.

Welcome to the cloud.

Only one question remains unanswered — “What if it rains?”.

Cloud Surfing: Download Excerpt from Ideafarms


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