Location, Location, Location and Smart Shopping

My company Ideafarms is not known for seeking the limelight. It is built on old-fashioned values — trust, empathy, mutual respect, empowerment, enablement — all popular business talk. And we find it so difficult to talk about ourselves because we like the walk more than the talk.

The last few months have been crazy. It has been DealChaat all the way. Chaat, for the uninitiated, is all about junk, street food. And ‘deal’, they say, is a bad word in today’s India. Why am I not surprised! Here, let me give you a clue. Nobody wants the middleman any longer.

Enter DealChaat 

India’s first location-based “last-minute-last-mile” platform on mobile. Full disintermediation.


Check it out. You may want to be associated … write on the blog, help with design, technology, be a critic, join the crack team … let me know.

DealChaat on the web: Facebook, Twitter, Website

Talk to us.

Also interesting in the above context are the following trends for 2013


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