– #PhotoKaari Contest – How popular are you?

DealChaat’s #PhotoKaari Contest going at a good clip and some nice pictures submitted. A great way to continue celebrating the festival of colors, Holi, without all the mess and waste.

FUN in 3 easy steps 

1. Go “Like” the Dealchaat page on Facebook

2. Upload your masterpiece

3. Tell all your friends to VOTE for your pic

EVERYBODY wins something (till prizes last)

Winning status

Have pictures capturing your most awesome memories from Holi? Played with mud, got your dog colored all pink and blue, got your grandfather to play with you too, your kid’s first holi or that with your neighborhood gang … whatever triggers your Holi memory and that your friends will like. Submit them to the DealChaat PhotoKaari contest. The best thing is that you make your own rules … only you have to “LIKE’ the DealChaat page on Facebook.

(Don’t have any Holi pics? Well its a good thing then that Holi is just around the corner. Time to get that camera ready! Because you don’t wanna miss out on the awesome prizes!) 

The picture that gets the most number of votes will win!

Don’t like playing Holi at all? Worry not my friend.

We won’t hold it against you if you submit any other pic with a lot of color in it. Hey, Holi means color and anything with colors will fly (especially a colorful parrot?).

Contest ends 10th April 2013. So hurry and go shutterhappy.

– #PhotoKaari Contest – Participate to WIN exciting prizes.

Click the image



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