Twitter is digital Marijuana – Wasted Time or Lost Opportunity

Twitter is a place to tell the world something in all of 140 characters. I’m not about to explain that the underlying sms technology is what creates this limit and it is not a number based on user research or any fancy stuff of the sort. So it’s a great way to waste company time for personal gratification. After all, how can anybody say something in just 140 characters (including spaces). How’s 20-odd words going to convey anything meaningfully?

imageOkay, so you want to be the first to tell the world what’s happening around you. You want to get your thoughts out of your system so new ones can be born. You want to keep checking how many people are following you. And you want your employer to pay for all this. Shame on you. What a waste of time! And some of you even try to convince your marketing guys get a company account for some ‘brand building and preservation’. The world is about ‘conversations’ you say.

Sorry, but I just don’t get it. Okay, the Dalai Lama tweets his spirituality. And Continue reading “Twitter is digital Marijuana – Wasted Time or Lost Opportunity”

Innovation 2.0 – US-based Indian invents clean power device

This moment pulled me back into the blogosphere … A proud moment for REC Trichy and the start of a new, clean age.

US-based Indian invents clean power device:

A team of Silicon Valley based technocrats, led by an Indian, K.R. Sridhar launched an energy server on Tuesday which they claimed could convert air and virtually any other fuel source into clean el…read more… Continue reading “Innovation 2.0 – US-based Indian invents clean power device”


Hello folks. I am Kamesh, an old friend of Sunil. We studied in the same school but went different ways, and after many years we suddenly came across each other, and realized that both of us have ended up in the same vocation – Farming! He invited me to his Ideafarm to sow a few seeds, and so here I am. Thank you Sunil for inviting me to write in your blog.

So, shall we ‘let the music play on?’

Ok, here comes the Sun…

One person can be creative, but it takes two to create. Thats the law of nature 🙂

Jest apart, innovation is not a one person band. It works best when there is a buzz of creative players. Like the Beatles… Remember that song from their album “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”?

What would you think if I sang out of tune,
Would you stand up and walk out on me.
Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song,
And I’ll try not to sing out of key.

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends,
Oh, I get high with a little help from my friends,
Oh, Going to try with a little help from my friends

Lets sample some proof of the pudding, shall we?

ok, folks… Yesterday, as I was gazing at my Twitter screenscape, I chanced upon this conversation between two of my friends, Ashutosh and Sukumar. They are my twitter friends – I havent met Ashutosh at all, and dont have much of an idea where he is or what he does. I just like his tweets, and he reciprocates. I guess I must have retweeted some of his tweets, and another of my twitter friend Sukumar must have liked it, and then he connected with Ashutosh, and they started sharing  tweets.

As I am connected to both, I came across this conversation between the two of them, and they ‘twinnovated’.  Without further ado, I give below their tweets… Continue reading “Twinnovation!”

Overthrowing the incubation regime

From an earlier post Business Incubation 101 that forms the preamble of my incubation idea. Thanks for all the offers of support – shows me that the idea resonates with many.

1. First bring the academia out of the safety of the cocoons we’ve woven around them. Have them check out what the world looks like. Today’s world. Today’s India.

2. Next, focus towards incubating ‘people’. They should be the real focus. Find real mentors. People that have been in the entrepreneurial world even if they have failed. They are the best teachers. Not professors of colleges. Don’t talk about incubating business. Leave that to the Western world.

3. Next, teach people to fish. No point in teaching fishing in your living room aquarium. At least walk them out to a brook. Pick up all the university incubation centres and physically put them off campus. That’s where the world exists. Not in the time warped government funded institutes.

Entrepreneur-ism is not socialistic. And capitalism doesn’t necessarily mean greedy or mercenary – especially in the context of India’s ethos. Make entrepreneurship an attractive lifestyle and stop being condescending irrespective of the preamble of our constitution. That goes for all those holier-than-thou bankers and VC’s.

BlogQuotes: Marketing #1

1. Customers are human beings, not statistical aberrations.

2. Always remember you’re a marketer, not a marketeer.

3. If the client is God, worship him. Don’t work for him.

© Sunil Malhotra. 2009