Dear Germany, enough is enough!

I can only call them terrorists. Corporate terrorists.

Remember my post in May 2012 — German Minister promises to ensure Just Resolution of Ideafarms Dispute? Well, it looks like there are more and more such injustices now coming to light.

Close on the heels of the last post on this blog (Indian Court Issues Warrant for Porsche C.E.O.s Arrest –, comes another shocker. Now Padma Rao, A senior journalist has alleged discrimination at the hands of her former employers, a leading German magazine, because she is an Indian. 

Padma Rao. Photo: Sanjay Rawat

Read this Tehelka expose Is Padma Rao a victim of racism in the German media?

Of late, Germany, which has always enjoyed the reputation of an admirable welfare state and a fair judiciary, has been arbitrary and racist. Continue reading “Dear Germany, enough is enough!”

Climate Change Bollywood ishtyle

Kyoto Protocol
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Let’s use the standard Hindi movie formula of circa 1980 to script our earth’s climate story. Enter Superstar  US. The virtuous, street smart, Robin Hood inspired protagonist of our story, replete with his coterie of jazz dancers. And then there’s the poor guy, India. Always trying to emulate the “hero” and competing with him for the “herione’s” attention in college settings. Let’s throw in some masala – subplots, love triangles and the very popular song and dance sequences – with the extras doing their own thing while they dance in the third row.

Quick Gun Murugan

Now compare this with whatever we’ve been seeing in the Climate Change discussions. See the script accurately playing itself out? (Nobody seems to want to ask mother Earth for her point of view). Call it clairvoyance or just plain sensitivity, some of us have been seeing it coming since the mid nineties. Even we couldn’t have guessed the speed of deterioration, although fully knowing the bounty hunter tendencies of the US, we should have been able to. Easily. Shame on us!

Some simple facts from Prem Shankar Jha’s Tehelka article, An Earth On Edge.

1. Till as recently as five years ago, abrupt climate change was on the unthinkable fringe of possibilities predicted by climate scientists. In March 2009, 2,500 scientists from 80 countries assembled at the International Scientific Congress on Climate Change in Copenhagen. The congress concluded that the findings of the IPCC were out of date. The evidence collected since its fourth report was compiled showed that global warming was ceasing to be human-induced and was becoming self-reinforcing. Continue reading “Climate Change Bollywood ishtyle”

The oxymoron called Political Innovation … or America goes bald!

bald-erdashI am at my hairdresser’s last weekend and request him to blow dry my hair. He looks at me quizzically and says, “Sure sir. But …”, he goes and points me to the mirror,  “you’ve run out of raw material. Hair!”. I look disbelievingly at the bald pate of the guy in the mirror. Shucks, I go to myself. The last time I gave myself the luxury of looking in the mirror, I had a thick mop. Where had it gone? And when?

I am immediately reminded of what’s been going on in the US the past few months – bailout, stimulus packages, printed money … whatever … and I go back to asking –

What are they trying to blow dry when there’s no hair left? Where’s the money?

Get my drift? When was the last time you looked in the mirror? Ever noticed that the US has gone completely bald? It can’t help if all they want to do is to wear a wig. They won’t be able to fool others, only themselves.

Here, see what Dr. Michael Hudson has for us.  Like you guys say – “Hey Mr. President, this ain’t no rocket science!”

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