Innovation 101: “Look Ma, no ethics!

There’s this fancy company that has a fancy business model called multi level marketeering (MLM). I will not name it, not because I’m afraid to but because putting their name here would be another way to virally market them. Sorry guys, you’re not going to be able to leverage my blog to achieve your unethical goals.


What’s my problem? After all in business, the end (profit for you) always justifies the means doesn’t it? And isn’t there a well known legal tenet that says ‘customer beware’? But I haven’t come across any philosophy that says ’employee beware’.

Now these guys say that theirs is an innovative business model. They don’t need infrastructure, payroll, management – just a set of products that use the credibility of unsuspecting human beings down a never ending chain. The model ‘invisibly’ erodes the value of the unsuspecting victims’ existing social networks for a miniscule fraction of the return that the glib entrepreneur makes every time a sale is effected.

Can you even imagine what they’re selling? Packaged cosmic energy!! I’m not kidding you. That’s why I called it marketeering and not marketing. In my dictionary marketeering has all the ingredients of criminality but sadly,  no legal system in the world has classified it as such. That would make all businesses criminal right?

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