Leh-Pak: Making a difference one person at a time

It is always heartening to see Internet communities swing into action for a cause and make such a huge difference in connecting views, people and issues.  

In keeping with the spirit of giving, here’s my open letter on behalf of the flood affected people of Leh and Pakistan.

“Dear CEO, President, PM, CM, etc.

Get involved personally. Tell your people the magnitude of the recent fury of nature in Leh and Pakistan. Tell everybody in your network to help in any way possible. They will listen to “YOU”. They are used to listening to you and following your directions. Please, please don’t just give a donation to some fund and feel that your good deed for the day is done.
You have skills. You have an organisation. You have the means to mobilise every enabler needed to rehabilitate the homeless. Put part of your business acumen to reconstructing and rehabilitating the ravaged region. Nature has her way of reminding you of your duties to the world beyond yourself. Please see it as an opportunity to make a continued commitment to our future.”
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Innovation – SMS voting for Nature’s Reality Shows

Reality Shows: Attractive NEW business opportunity for Television News channels.

According to a survey on early 2009, Reality Shows attracted 45 million sms votes. (April 21, 2009 — See Graphic)

The PM’s Relief Fund has promised Rs. 125 crores for Leh. The floods in Pakistan are begging for aid fuzzily estimated to be of the order of USD 1 billion. I, like many others, would like to do my bit.

Nature’s reality shows are far more ruthless than “The moment of truth” on TV. As a matter of fact, her reality shows are the moment of truth for those in the line of fire. So much for philosophy — let me get straight to the point.

My idea is simple –  ‘SMS your vote for Aid’ – and I’m not even asking for any credit; just let’s do it!

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Uncapitalistic “Glacial” Innovation

Now this is innovation,

– disrputive, passion driven and socially responsible, sustainable & non-capitalistic – not what management gurus are touting.

Chewang Norphel, Director of the Leh Nutrition Project.
Chewang Norphel, Director of the Leh Nutrition Project.

Glaciers are the sole source of fresh water for the Buddhist farmers who make up more than 70% of the population in this rugged range between Pakistan and China. But rising temperatures have seen the icy snow retreat by dozens of feet each year — to find evidence of global warming, the farmers simply have to glance up from their fields and see the rising patches of brown where, once, all was white. Knowing no alternative, they pray harder for rain and snow.

But Chewang Norphel has gone beyond prayer. The 73-year-old civil engineer has come up with a solution that won’t exactly save the ancient glaciers, but it could stave off a looming irrigation crisis.

Norphel has created artificial glaciers, frozen pools of glacier run-off perched above the farmers’ fields … [read the full article here].


  1. His innovation has been hailed as an elegantly simple and cheap [I’d substitute this word by ‘cost effective’]solution to a devastating problem.
  2. Only local materials are needed, and the villagers themselves can build and maintain them.

I’m so inspired …

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