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We Designers are the ones with the wherewithal to understand the several connections between disciplines. It’s fair then that we ought to take the lead in making sure that products (and services) are designed responsibly. While Designers do have a responsibility towards justifying the fees they take from their clients, they have a much larger responsibility to the clients’ customers.

Design should be used to create the spark, not just to fight the fire.

The highest value comes from a designer’s work when products she designs can keep users delighted, safe and comfortable  while simultaneously ensuring the planet is safe and well.

Uncapitalistic “Glacial” Innovation

Now this is innovation,

– disrputive, passion driven and socially responsible, sustainable & non-capitalistic – not what management gurus are touting.

Chewang Norphel, Director of the Leh Nutrition Project.
Chewang Norphel, Director of the Leh Nutrition Project.

Glaciers are the sole source of fresh water for the Buddhist farmers who make up more than 70% of the population in this rugged range between Pakistan and China. But rising temperatures have seen the icy snow retreat by dozens of feet each year — to find evidence of global warming, the farmers simply have to glance up from their fields and see the rising patches of brown where, once, all was white. Knowing no alternative, they pray harder for rain and snow.

But Chewang Norphel has gone beyond prayer. The 73-year-old civil engineer has come up with a solution that won’t exactly save the ancient glaciers, but it could stave off a looming irrigation crisis.

Norphel has created artificial glaciers, frozen pools of glacier run-off perched above the farmers’ fields … [read the full article here].


  1. His innovation has been hailed as an elegantly simple and cheap [I’d substitute this word by ‘cost effective’]solution to a devastating problem.
  2. Only local materials are needed, and the villagers themselves can build and maintain them.

I’m so inspired …

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Tech things for granted.

I met a classmate a couple of weeks ago after 20-odd years. He’s doing stuff at the leading edges of – you guessed it  – IPTV. The passion with which he explained the potential of the technology, and what it could do, sucked me into a discussion of fancy features; about how we could provide seamless interactivity with the back ends of Amazon, Walmart, Nike, D&G, etc. and how people could order pizzas from the comfort of their TV couches without as much as lifting a finger (after all, you’d only have to press a couple of buttons on the remote handset to achieve the impossible).

Whoa! Not so fast folks. The next time you are relaxing and watching your favorite TV program — think!

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